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Guidelines and Rules

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Happy Guidelines and Rules

Post by Sandra Mon 16 Jun 2008, 09:25

welcome rules thanx

Please take some time to read this information

We are survivors of Childhood/Adulthood ab*se, we are not Trained Counsellors. We have put this site together as a support site. Support is a two way thing that is the giving and receiving of support.

All members must follow the rules that are stated below. By becoming a member you are agreeing to follow these rules.

The admin team of this site are Sandra, Little Fran, Black Beauty and Esther

Our forum offers a place to be heard where no judgment of your survival or sexuality will be made.

Please use an appropiate name when joining the site. If you are a member of another site please use that name, in order for others from that site to feel comfortable with you. It only strives to confuse us if people use many different names as the trust we build up is important. If you feel that this is a problem and you wish to join under a different name, please inform us of this and your reasons why, if we believe you have good reason to use a different username, we will respect that and keep your information confidentual.

Control Bullying and Manipulation will not be tolerated.
We have all experienced being controlled, bullied and manipulated in our pasts and on other sites. It will not become part of this site, this is a mature site and playground behaviour will not be tolerated.

When posting please use appropriate warnings in the title of your posts. This is for the safety and protection of all site users.

Suicide posts will be removed from the site.
This is a supportive place, it is fine to talk about how you are feeling, but posts detailing what you intend to do or goodbye letters (as in suicidal notes) will not be allowed.
Please remember the members on here are your peers who understand how you feel. No one is a trained counsellor and leaving posts of this nature will leave us all upset and feeling helpless.

All members should be treated with respect.
Everyone is equal here and should be treated as such. Further to this, we will not tolerate personal attacks, abusive behaviour and language. Any posts of this nature will be removed.

The posting of personal information is not permitted on the forums.
This is for your safety and protection. This includes your full name, email address and telephone numbers. We suggest that those wishing to swap contact details with another member, should ask for that member's permission. Both should only do this if each are satisfied that the other is a safe and trustworthy member. You must keep in mind the ease of deceiving people over the internet.

Copyright is an offence. Please do not post anything on the forums that has come from any source other than yourself, unless you have had permission to do so from the originator of the information.

If you wish to post a link for another website please ask the Admin Team first.
There is a forum for useful links and, if appropriate, it will be added to that forum.

Anything that is posted and said on the forums should stay on the forums. This is to make members feel safe and able to trust each other.

If you feel angry by a post, please take the time to think and calm down before replying. Everyone is entitled to express their own opinions. Please take time to consider how other people feel. If after a cooling period, you are still feeling angry or upset by another user, please contact the admin team.

Please do not use text language as some members may not understand it.

If you have any problems or concerns please email Admin as soon as possible so it can get sorted out as quickly as possible.

No member should set their Online Status to 'Hidden', as this can be very unsettling to other members when they see a post written by someone who does not appear on the Memberlist.

Please note, you may only join using one username. Any other applications to join will be refused.

Before your account is activated, we may send you an email for conformation of your details. We require all new members to supply us with a paragraph about themselves. The information you supply will be kept confidentual between members of the admin team. Again, this is for the safety of our site, and to ensure all members are genuine.

We also appreciate that you reply to your 'welcome' post. This will then change your status and show you as an active user in our admin pannel.
If we feel like any user has not met our requests, or has broken any rules, then we will deactivate your account. We will notify you if this happens, and our reasons for doing so. You will have a period of time to respond and then your account may be activated again afterwards, but if you fail to stick to the rules or to respond to any correspondance we will issue a permanent ban.
The safety and protection of both our site and our users, comes above all else.

Thank you for taking the time to read these Rules and Guidelines.

wave wave wave wave

Sandra, Little Fran, Black beauty and Esther.

Out of the ashes rose a beautiful bird graceful peaceful honest the vision to see beyond her own enviroment filled with compassion and courage.
We have all risen from the ashes of our pasts come together as a team to support and be supported.

Sandra...... aka Shorty

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